dear step-sister


/i want to ask you.. do you remember what you did to me?

do you remember my fear and the tears that fell from my cheeks when i looked into your eyes?

when you pulled my pants down and asked me to lay down on the floor?

when you took my childhood away?












No beginning.No end

I thought tonight would be different. I just wanted to see my dad, tell him I love him, tell him I missed him. But tonight the person who greeted me was not my father but the alchoholic that ruined our family. He sees noone but himself, he cares for nobody. I am just left with anger and pain in my chest I want to leave but I cant because if I do I know itll make things worse. How dare anyone disrespect him! How dare anyone ruin HIS night. How dare anyone question him. How dare we feel hurt. We are robots. HIS robots. I tell myself I will never come here again…..